For Your Information

You may want to use the following disclaimer at your event:

Today's course will travel public roads and highways. The organizer is not responsible for the condition of these roads and highways, nor for the behavior of or hazards caused by other individuals using the public roads and highways. The organizer is not responsible for any changes in the condition of the course that may have occurred since it was selected. Each participant is soley responsible for the safe and successful operation of his/her vehicle during this event.

Bike nights are all weather permitting - on bad weather nights just drive your 4 wheeler!!!

Keep in mind the following occurs every week:

Tuesday - Legends in Green Bike Nite - 330-896-4433

Friday - Rockin on the River in Cuyahoga Falls begins May 24 - More information for each week to be posted soon.

This calendar was started in the hopes of making everyone's event more profitable. While there are many types of groups and charities out there, they have come together to make this calendar work. By meeting once a year in January, everyone who attends is able to get their event on the calendar and also:
  • Get their event information out to over 10,000 people via hard copies and internet
  • Keep competition to a bare minimum due to as little overlapping of events as possible
  • Meeting new people and new sponsors to help make your event a success
  • When you get a chance, give a hollar to Rich R. from GAMC for bringing this all together - Thanks Rich!!!